Costas mandylor dating anyone

Costas Mandylor, the Greek-Australian actor from the “Saw” franchise, just announced that he will marry his fiancee in Bucharest this fall after spending a few days in Romania.Mandylor was a special guest of the Superkombat World Grand Prix in Constanta, a kickboxing tournament based out of Romania which has now entered its 5th year.

Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) from the first cost a whopping million to make, the seventh movie feels the cheapest by far. A new character named Bobby (Sean Patrick Flanery) is introduced as the lead — a charlatan who’s amassed fame and fortune thanks to a self-help book he wrote after surviving a Jigsaw game, when in reality he was never a target of the killer at all — and a bunch of past survivors appear to fill out a self-help group and create new bends in the Jigsaw narrative.

Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) from the first is one of the franchise’s strengths, but Dr. None of this even has anything to do with the A plot, which is that SWAT guy Reggie — who was introduced in — now has to survive a Jigsaw game to save a pair of fellow officers. You thought Amanda (Shawnee Smith) and John were the only ones on Team Jigsaw? cleans up pretty well in these modern times: This is the first movie that actually looks sort of expensive, and it trades the sickening green color palette of the first seven efforts for actual daylight.

Gordon — down one foot because he had to hacksaw one off to survive his death game — resurfacing as a top Jigsaw disciple just makes everyone in this universe seem far too willing to join forces with a man who mutilated them in the name of tough love. Remember when you saw John’s wife once in a flashback? Also, even though the movie begins with the body of John Kramer being autopsied, the movie whiplashes you in the climax, revealing that ? (Based on a visible license plate, it looks like Signature device: The laser-cutter collar After a seven-year absence, the gang’s all here: the creepy doll on its tricycle, a torture gauntlet filled with blame-shifting sinners, the signature theme song, the ominous recorded voice of Tobin Bell, excised skin cut in the shape of puzzle pieces, and even a kind of museum filled with a greatest hits of Jigsaw’s death devices.

The death traps come at such a rapid pace, you wonder who has time to set up all these elaborate games, one of which features the late Chester Bennington not saying one line, but rather, screaming through an entire scene.

John’s ex-wife Jill is still kicking, fulfilling John’s last wishes and kind of running around in fear as a corrupt cop named Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) continues to try to usurp Jigsaw’s legacy.


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